Residential buildings

Our designers create safe homes

Our design services embrace multistorey buildings and terraced houses as well as assisted-living buildings. We have special expertise in high-rise buildings. We serve customers on individual projects as well as broad-scope residential area developments. For the master planning stage of residential projects, we carry out the feasibility surveys and draw up quality standard specifications.

In structural design, we utilize 3D modeling, which streamlines the design process and ensures a high-quality and cost-effective result. We use sophisticated simulation software to model the project’s energy consumption and solutions together with the Wise Group’s building services specialists.

Our customers include Finland’s leading residential building developers; construction companies, cities, municipalities and institutional developers. Their different forms of housing and, for example, the targets they set for energy and ecological efficiency, guide our design work.

Our experience also boosts expertise in the sector

We have experience of designing more than 1,000 construction and renovation projects. The quality of our services is based both on professional expertise and on years of experience in many kinds of residential construction projects. We are noted for our cost-effective, technically high-quality and buildability solutions.

We have taken part in developing a number of developers’ and contractors’ design guidelines. We also play an active part in developing industry guidelines and training material under the aegis of the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and the Finnish Association of Consulting Firms SKOL, among others.