Building information modelling (BIM)

Building information modeling improves the technical and financial result as well as interaction in the project

At Wise Group, all building services design has been performed 3-dimensionally and on a building information model basis for some years. This procedure streamlines the design process and ensures a high-quality and cost-effective end result. The best advantages of building information modeling are realized when all parties to the design use the same, advanced technology and a uniform 3-D model is obtained of the building.

In these cases, a common view of the solution is available:

  • Precise material quantities and equipment schedules
  • Precise measurements and good financial efficiency for the final result
  • The desired technical result
  • Possibility to integrate the building services into geometrically challenging buildings
  • Technical challenges are solved in the design stage
  • Visualization of solutions boosts common understanding and networking
  • Facilitates the worksite stage production planning
  • Procurement is streamlined, wastage of materials is reduced
  • Controlled costs planning and timetabling

Building information modeling including the structural and building services plan

We also offer consultancy for combining structural and building services plans together to create integrated building information model that project stakeholders can review.  If desired, we will also produce visualization serving the users’ needs. In this case, the design team does not need an external party; we perform the integration of modeling and quality assurance in-house as part of the design process. The tool we use for this work is Autodesk Navisworks software.